Flags - A Primer


The Green Flag:  Indicates the beginning of a session or the end of the danger in a particular part of the track. 


The Yellow Flag:  Danger ahead, caution necessary and overtaking is prohibited.  A waiving yellow flag means slow down and prepare to stop if instructed to do so. 


The Black Flag:  Generally accompanied by a car number, summons the driver of a the car flagged to the pits immediately. 


The Blue Flag:  During a session, notifies a driver he is about to be passed and to let the other car overtake.


The Debris/Oil Flag:  Warns drivers the track may be slippery with fluids or debris is on the track surface. 


The Meatball Flag:  Usually accompanied by a car number warning the driver his car has a mechanical problem and he must go to the pits. 


The Safety Flag:  Informs drivers an emergency or service vehicle is on track and to give the emergency vehicle the right of way.  


The Red Flag:  Shown around the entire track to indicate the session has been stopped in the interest of safety.  Come to a controlled stop at the nearest corner worker station.


The White Flag:  Slow moving vehicle on track ahead (HPDE).  Last lap. (Race).  


The Checkered Flag:  Always signals the finish of a session.