Here's What Drivers Are Saying About MVP Track Time...

John D. - Road America June 2020
Good Morning Mark:
I just wanted to thank you for putting the Road America MVP track event together for us.  It was my first time attending an MVP event and found it worked out well.  Great venue, great weather and great to be back out with like-minded friends! 

Myron H. - Road America June 2019

Good Afternoon Mark:

I just wanted to say thank you for what you do.  MVP Track Time is such a great group of instructors and leaders.  You approved me for intermediate at Road America and I have to say it was the best thing that has happened to me.  I had an amazing time and I grew as a driver. I will continue to run at MVP events as long as you host them.  Thank you again for one of the best weekends of my life.



Dan R. - Road Atlanta November 2018

Hi Mark:

Thanks for a great time this past weekend and making our first ever MVP Track Time event a great time.  I really like your professionalism, enthusiam and commitment to safety.  I spoke with other participants that had experience with other organizations and were driving with MVP for the first time.  They gave you higher marks that the other groups they've run with.  They said you treat them as adults, unlike other organizations.  

Thanks again Mark.  I look forward to running with you again.   

Andy H. - COTA February 2018

In the rush to get my cars and all my stuff loaded back to their various homes, I did not get a chance to stop by. 

Thank you for another great MVP weekend event at COTA.  Though the weather was a challenge locistically, you and the track folks worked together to make great choices to provide as much opportunity for participants as possible.  I really appreciate that.

As always, I enjoyed making some new friends with the "Garage-Mate" lottery.  Good folks.  

All the best for a great MVP season and we'll see you again next year.




Aaron D. - Road Atlanta November 2017


Just wanted to say thanks for all the support this past weekend.  Your flexibility and willingness to work with us was greatly appreciated.  I can't begin to explain how grateful I am that my true novice guys wer able to get all the instruction they received.  

I look forward to drivigin with you and MVP in the fuutre.  



Todd G. - Road Atlanta November 2017


Congrats on another succesful track season in 2017!  Really enoyed Road Atlanta last weekend...appreciate all the work you put in to allow track junkies like me to enjoy this awesome hobby.  

The advanced group was full of great cars and great people with some very fast lap times.  I can't wait to download the PDR videos.  I guess watching them will have to be my track fix over the Winter. 

I always tell people my favorite thing is driving on the track and when I'm not doing it, I'm thinking about it.  

Hope you and yours enjoy Thanksgiving.  I'll see you in 2018.



Mary S. - Circuit of The Americas - February 2016

Had a blast this past weekend.  This is the perfect venue to play with our fun cars in a controlled space.

Thank you for your efforts and coordination.




Greg - NCM 2024

Mark, the entire Virginia crew really enjoyed your event this past weekend.  We all appreciaed your candid "no bullshit, let's have fun" approach to an event thac can be spoiled by one or two guys that drive "flat out".  This is the first event I've particiapted in (and I have 100+ track days)  where there were no black flags in my group. 

 Juat thsough you should know how much we enjoyed ourselves.

 Great Job! 


James - Road Atlanta 2021 & 2022 


I particiapted in MVP's Road Atlanta events in 2021 & 2022. Those were my first two track days so I had very little basis for comparison for the events.  I just attended a track event, also at Road Atlanta, with a  different organization.  Being a very well know National group, I signed up without much concern.  After that experience, I felt compelled to reach out to you and tell you how grateful I am to have the opprotunity to attend your events.  I have a newfound appreciation for how well you run your events with regard to education, safety and efficiency.  


I had a bad feelinig when the novice briefing at thsi other group's  event did not include any mention of what to do if you had an unplanned incident, any explanation of how to point by on the right versus on the left, or any actual flags as props to show people what they were lookign for.  I was dumbfounded watchign multiple cars leave the course in an uncontrolled manner without even a flag and then left on course to continue sessions.  I was bummed for the multiple fols who damaged their vehicles in only a 3-run event. 


I am very much looking forward to your future events and THANK YOU for doing what you do!



Brad W. - VIR July 2021


Just wanted to drop a line to say how much I engjoyed the event this weekend at VIR.  It was my first MVP evnet, and I have to say it was run so professionally, on time and everythign about it made it an enjoyable 

event.  All the staff was fantastic and helpful and I can't say enough about the people that were there.  You mentioned the reason you do this is because of people... I've come to realize you are 100% correct!  On the

way home to Ohio, we stopped in Breezewood, PA. and a guy came up to us at a gas staion and said he is an instructor... needless to say we had a great covnersation!  It's amazing the people we meet in the 

track/driving community that have such a passion for it... even in different cities, towns, tracks and random places. 


We are definitely coming to Mid-Ohio in September and will be booking more MVP events next year.  Hopefully COTA is on the list! 



Don H. - COTA February 2019


Thanks for a great event.  It was a pleasant surprise to see the organized event (your efforts) and hig quality of drivers.  I even ran into a few friends I haven't seen for years from our 

driving days in IMSA.  I had a great time despite a mechanical issue on the Porsche.  

Anyway, thanks again.  I look forward to the next MVP event.


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