Frequently Asked Questions
Remember:  This Is Not a Race 

A number of regular questions are answered below.
Which Run Group Is Best For Me?
    MVP Track Time will assign you to a run group based on your previous
    track day experience.  Our run groups are as follows:       
       Novice (Group 1 - Red):  Little or no track experience.       
       Intermediate (Group 2 - Yellow):  Limited track experience.       
       Advanced (Group 3/4 - Green/Blue):  Licensed racing and experienced track drivers.
     We will use our "best fit" philosophy for group assignment.  If you feel you are in the
     wrong group and would like to move up to a higher run group, with our permission
     and approval of an instructor, we may allow you to do so.    Room in the run groups
     will also determine if a driver can move up or down to another run group. 

 How Much Track Time WIll I Enjoy?

     MVP Track Time generally schedules six, 20-minute run sessions for each of the (Novice, 
     Intermediate and Advanced) run groups each day but when a fourth group is added, we
     schedule 1/2-hour sessions.  Expect 2 hours per day. 
Will Instructors Be Available To Help Me?    
     Yes!  We will have seasoned instructors available to all Novice drivers for each track event.
     These instructors are complimentary with your registration, please be nice to them.
       Our instructors will not drive your car on track, nor will they request to drive your car on track.  
What If I Wreck My Car or Hit Another Car?
Each individual participating driver is personally financially responsible for any damage to their automobile, whether through their own negligence, the track's negligence,or the negligence of another driver while attending an MVP Track Time, LLC. event.  
Are Convertibles Allowed to Run On The Track?
      Maybe!  Certain convertibles, notably the Porsche Boxster, the Honda S2000, and
      any convertible sporting a hard top, are permitted to to run without an additional
      roll bar. Also, convertibles with automatic "Pop Up" rollover protection are
      permitted in the Novice and Intermediate run groups.  All other convertibles
      must have a roll bar which passes the "Broomstick Test".

      Despite these restrictions, we encourage all convertible owners to install a roll bar
      which complies with the "Broomstick Test" for their own additional safety.  Please
      contact me at (314) 249-3770 if you are unsure whether or not your car is
Can I Have Passengers In The Car With Me?   
     Yes!  In the Advanced and Intermediate run groups.  Passengers must also wear a proper
     helmet (SA2015 or newer) and be properly restrained.  Passengers must be at
     least eighteen (18) years of age to be in the car while on track.  If you intend to have a passenger, please contact us in advance. 
All passengers must sign our "Passenger Waiver" form before being allowed to ride on track.  

Can I Share a Car With Another Driver?
Yes!  Drivers can share a car in the same run group.  The second driver will
     be required to register and pay $100 - $150 atop the first driver's normal entry 
     Drivers sharing a car in seperate run groups will be required to register and 
     pay seperate full registration fees.
How Long Is Each On-Track Session?

    We generally run twenty (20) minute sessions for each run group.  We've
    found that 
shorter runs ruin the rythm and any longer run allows fatigue and

    inatentiveness to settle in, causing "incidents". 


Is There a Minimum Age Requirement?

    Yes.  All drivers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and hold a valid automobile driver's license.   

Can I Drive My Truck or SUV On The Track?
     Due to the size difference between a truck or SUV and the many sports cars we have, we  
     can NOT allow any trucks or SUVs to run on the track for our track days.

How Do I Register For an MVP Track Time Track Day?

   You can register on line via the "Track Day Registration" page using a mail-in

   registration form with a check or use Pay Pal with the on-line form. 

   Instructions are on the "Track Day Registration" page.

What Happens if I Can't Attend a Track Day I've Registered For?
MVP Track Time understands schedule conflicts so we make every effort to accomidate cancellations.  That being noted, we are on the hook for the contracted track day. 

If you cancel before three weeks (Circuit of The Americas is four weeks) prior to the track event, we will refund your registration fee MINUS a cancellation charge. 


If you cancel inside of three weeks (Circuit of The Americas is four weeks) prior to the track event, there is no refund. The cancellation No Refund window begins three weeks (Circuit of The Americas is four weeks) from the first day

day of check-in for the specific event.    


We will no longer transfer any current registration to a future event nor to another driver.  We have tried to assist attendees by graciously moving registrations to future events or other drivers, but this courtesy has been abused so MVP will no longer move your existing registration to another event nor another driver.  Going forward you will simply cancel the existing event, pay any cancellation fee, and re-register for the new event. 

What should I bring to the track?

   For Your Car: Extra engine oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid...a tire gauge...a torque

   wrench for lug bolts & nuts, window cleaner, paper towels, a tire guage, some basic tools and duct tape for

   front lights.   Scissors to cut tape. WD-40 spray can to clean up tape residue. 


   For You:  The tracks usually have a concession stand if you prefer to travel light.  May we

   suggest you consider bringing a cooler with lots of water, energy snacks and sunblock.  For

   obvious reasons no alcohol or drugs my be consumed before or during the event.  Any

   indication of alcohol or drug use will result in immediate expulsion from the track day.  Pop up

   canopies and a chairs are a good choice with something to hold them in place if the wind comes up.

   Consider a change of clothes for after the event.


Will fuel be available at the track?

   Yes.  Most tracks, if not all, have both unleaded and leaded race fuel available.  It is NOT

   inexpensive.  We recommend you fill up your car at a local gas station before the track day. 



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