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The Inspection Process


The Technical Inspection process we use is designed to assist you prior to an MVP Track Time track day, and to ensure that all vehicles that enter the track have no obvious mechanical problems.   The steps are as follows: 


     Participants ‘Self Inspect’ their vehicles prior to each event. Use this form or have a full vehicle

     inspection performed by a qualified vehicle repair facility.

     Participants confirm that the ‘Self Inspection’ has been conducted when they sign the event waiver and

     turn in the Tech  Inspection Form during check-in the morning of the event. The link below will provide the

     Tech Inspection form.

The Tech Inspection form below is designed to serve as a guide for you.  Use the form to make sure your car is ready to go.  You will be required to submit the Tech Inspection form at registration.  It is highly recommended that you fill out your form prior to the event so the overall check-in process moves faster and gets you on track sooner.
MVP Track Time will conduct a courtesy inspection of your vehicle and safety equipment (ie: helmet) before you are allowed on the track.  If your vehicle or helmet (Remeber your helmet must be an SA2015 or newer helmet and NO motorcycle helmets) do not pass this courtesy on-site inspection, you will not be allowed to enter the track until any issues have been corrected. Please make sure that your vehicle is in good running order to avoid any issues.

Click Here - MVP Track Time Technical Inspection Form - Click Here

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